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When Does 'Clean Eating' Become a Disorder?

It is possible to overdo healthy eating. A new study pinpoints risk factors for the eating disorder orthorexia.

By Lara DeSanto
Man using laptop while woman is upset behind him.

Your Partner's Porn Habit Could Fuel an Eating Disorder

Women whose husband or boyfriend regularly watches pornography are more likely to develop an eating disorder, according to a study that shows a link.

By Diane Domina
Woman sitting on kitchen floor eating at night.

Why Narcolepsy and Eating Disorders Go Hand-in-Hand

It makes sense, really — sleep has a big influence on how hungry we feel and the type of food we choose to eat. So, when our sleep is erratic it can mess with our metabolism and urges to binge.

By Martin Reed
Woman grabbing multiple items from a refrigerator at night to binge eat.

The Link Between ADHD and Eating Disorders

Girls with ADHD may have a higher risk of developing eating disorders according to a study completed at the University of Virginia.

By Eileen Bailey