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The Super-Common Causes and Triggers of Epileptic Seizures

Epilepsy is a disorder with many possible causes. Anything that disturbs the normal pattern of neuron activity–from illness to brain damage to abnormal brain development–can lead to seizures.

By Jennifer Rainey Marquez

The Latest

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Are Seniors at Risk for Epilepsy?

Short answer: yes. We've got all the details on what you need to know about this seizure disorder as you age.

By Nancy Fitzgerald
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Heads Up: There's More Than One Type of Seizure

Epilepsy can take many forms. Understanding your seizure type can help your doctors pinpoint the best treatment for you.

By Nancy Fitzgerald
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The Sleep-Seizure Link: Secrets for Great Rest and Better Health

Logging consistently good zzz’s is crucial to managing epilepsy. And it’s totally possible! Here’s how to get the rest you need starting tonight.

By Gail O’Connor
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11 Tips for Raising a Child With Epilepsy

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed if your child’s been diagnosed with epilepsy. Here’s what docs and other parents want you to know so you feel less alone and more in control.

By Gail O’Connor
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9 Stubborn Myths About Epilepsy to Stop Believing

Loads of misinformation about this condition persists. We sort facts from fiction.

By Jennifer Rainey Marquez
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Living With

9 Little Ways to Help Avoid a Seizure Injury at Home

If you have epilepsy, you can’t entirely eliminate the risk of injury during a seizure. But these tweaks to your home can up your chances of staying safe.

By Jennifer Rainey Marquez
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9 Ways to Help Someone Having a Seizure

Whether you’re a caregiver or a bystander, here’s how to keep someone safe during a seizure.

By Jennifer Rainey Marquez
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Is Surgery Right for Your Epilepsy, Tremor or Other Neurological Condition?

If you have epilepsy, a movement disorder or another neurological condition, you should know all the treatment options available to you.

By Cleveland Clinic
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FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Epilepsy Drug

The FDA has approved the first medication containing a purified substance derived from marijuana to treat rare, severe forms of epilepsy. This medicine, called Epidiolex (cannabidiol [CBD]) oral solution is approved to treat Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.

By Diane Domina
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Seizure Warnings Posted at 'Incredibles 2'

The Epilepsy Foundation has requested that Disney Pixar posts warnings about “flashing” and “strobe” lights in the film “Incredibles 2” that may cause health problems for people with photosensitive epilepsy, migraines, or other photosensitivities.

By Diane Domina