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Why Walking a Dog Does a Body Good

Dog walkers have better health than non–dog walkers, according to several measures, including fewer chronic health conditions, lower body mass index, and more.

By Marian Freedman

Why It's Smart to Stretch After 50

Stretching can help you maintain your range of motion as you get older. Here are two simple but effective stretches to try.

By Sandra Gordon

Exercise Before Heart Attack Boosts Survival

Study suggests that a regular exercise habit before a heart attack improves survival and prognosis.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

3 Tips for Safer Running After 50

Running can be tough on your joints, especially at age 50 and up. Up to half of all runners report an injury annually. Take these steps to stay safe.

By Sandra Gordon

Simple Ways to Avoid a Yoga Injury

Don’t let the risk of getting hurt deter you from practicing yoga. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid injury.

By HealthAfter50

3 Exercise Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Watch your exercise form, especially at age 50 and up. Here are three common exercise mistakes and how you can easily fix them.

By Sandra Gordon

The Healing Powers of Exercise

If you experience a disabling injury or illness and are a regular exerciser, you’re likely to recover faster than someone who is inactive, according to one study.

By HealthAfter50

Activities to Avoid After Knee Replacement

If you've recently had a knee replacement, avoid these overly strenuous or high-impact activities that can increase your risk of knee failure.

By Laird Harrison

Can Cycling Prevent Heart Disease?

Biking—for pleasure or to get around town—is good for your heart, according to new research.

By HealthAfter50

Little Dab of Exercise May Do It for Inflammation

Even a small dose of exercise, such as brisk walking, may help prevent serious illness by stimulating the immune system and suppressing inflammation.

By Pete Kelly