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Why a Brisk Walk Is Good for Diabetes Control

It may seem simple, but putting one foot in front of the other may lower your risk of diabetes or help you control the disease.

By Tim Gower

How to Turn a Walk Into a Workout

Research has consistently shown that walking can improve most people’s cardiovascular health, even late in life. Here’s how to get the maximum benefit.

By HealthAfter50

10 Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi’s gentle, fluid movements make it ideal for people who want the benefits of exercise without joint strain or jarring impacts.

By HealthAfter50

Two Resistance Exercises to Try

These moves will build muscle strength, which is important if you have diabetes.

By HealthAfter50

9 Ways to Build Muscle Strength

Here’s how to get a good workout without getting hurt.

By HealthAfter50

Water Workouts: A Smart Move for Joint Pain

There’s a kinder, gentler way to improve cardiovascular and muscular strength: Water-based workouts are among the best exercise programs for older adults.

By HealthAfter50

Exercising and COPD: Why It's Essential

While exercise does not directly improve lung function, it helps build your endurance level and improves how well your body uses oxygen.

By HealthAfter50

6 Water Exercises to Try

Water buoys joints and muscles, so there’s less stress on the body as well as a reduced risk of falling.

By HealthAfter50

Stroll After Supper Helps Control Diabetes

New research shows that taking a brief walk after a meal can help you better manage the disease.

By Christina Frank

The Best Time to Exercise with High Blood Pressure

A regular exercise habit helps to control weight, lower stress levels, and improve your blood pressure profile.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.