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Older couple taking a summer walk

Staying Fit in the Summer Heat

Summer is a great time to work on your fitness with outdoor activities. Use these simple tips to help you stay hydrated and fit even in high temperatures.

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Tips for Exercising Outdoors in the Summer

Parts of the United States have been deluged with rain during the past few months, leading to flooding and increased humidity levels. While summertime gives many people the urge to be outdoors, it’s also primetime for major storms that wreak havoc—ev...

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3 Leg Exercises to Try Now

Get your legs in shape for summer by doing these simple exercises.

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8 Tips for Running in the Heat

If you’ve been training for a big race for the past few months, you might have noticed that the heat of summer is taking a toll on your performance. You drink a lot of water and try to run early in the morning, but sometimes it’s not enough. Follow t...

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How to Burn Fat This Summer

Following your old workout routine probably won’t be enough. Here’s what you can do to really make a difference.

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Get Beach Ready in 6 Weeks (INFOGRAPHIC)

Make sure you help achieve your summer-body goals by using this 6-week fitness guide.

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Keep Your Cool! Important Steps to Take to Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses

Darn, it’s hot outside! Like many others around the United States, I’m finding I’m sweltering in 100-plus temperatures when I step outside every afternoon. And morning isn’t much better - we’re already nearing 90 degrees and it’s just barely 10 a.m. ...

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Take Special Care of Your Canine Exercise Buddy During the Dog Days of Summer

One of my workout buddies got my attention last week - and not in a good wayI’ve been trying to walk the dogs fairly regularly, but have really had to resort to going fairly early in the morning since our afternoon temperatures have been topping out ...