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Enjoying Winter Fun, Even With Asthma

Frigid and dry winter air, plus cold and flu season, make winter fun challenging, but not impossible. Learn ways you can prevent asthma symptoms during winter.

By Stephanie Stephens
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Tips for Working Out in the Cold

You can work out safely, even in cold weather. But exercising outdoors in the cold does have its challenges. You do need to think of your clothes, hydration, and other considerations. Remember that cold air can trigger an asthma attack. Here are nine ...

By Amy Hendel, P.A.
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Swimming: 6 Reasons to Make a Splash This Winter

So, what is it about swimming that makes it an activity you should do all year long?

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.
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Winter Workouts: What to Wear

Winter is here, and if you love to workout outside, you will need to keep yourself warm and protected from the elements. The secret to winter workout wear is to layer your clothes so the heat gets trapped between the layers to keep you warm. Each lay...

By Lisa Gulley
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Winterize Your Workout

The arrival of winter does not mean the departure of your workout routine! Stock up on the right gear or take your workout inside.

By Christina Lasich, MD
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Safety Tips for Being Active in Cold Weather

If you are planning to be out in the cold, moisture is your enemy. Cotton doesn’t wick moisture away from the body very well and it doesn’t dry quickly, so avoid wearing cotton products. Wool, silk and technical apparel, such as smart wool, are bette...

By Allison Bush
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Outside Exercise in Winter

Early this morning, I heard the first blast of this latest winter weather knocking on the door. Well, actually, maybe I had better say that the wind gust that signaled the impending deep freeze rattled our windows. And almost everyone’s going to be r...

By Dorian Martin