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The Magic of 20 Minutes of Exercise

We’ve got some especially good news if you’re stuck in a chair all day for work (or if you just really, really like TV).

Man meditating at his desk at work.

Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work?

If your employer is pushing you to eat better and exercise more, you’re not alone — workplace wellness programs are hugely popular these days. But a new study aimed to determine whether they’re actually worthwhile.

Correct sitting position at desk with tablet

Neck or Back Pain? Improving Your Posture Can Help

A physical therapist offers simple tips and exercises to improve posture and limit neck and back pain resulting from prolonged sitting.

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Simple Ways to Get Fit During Your Workday

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can do these simple exercises at work or home to get fit with no equipment needed.

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14 Ways to Get Moving At Work

Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on our health - so get moving around the office!

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You Can Get a Super Workout in Your Small Office Space!

Is this your life? Your alarm goes off and instead of getting up you hit the snooze button. Suddenly you’re racing to get dressed, jump in the car, barely make it to work on time, and now for the next 8 hours you mostly sit, except for some quick run...