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INFOGRAPHIC: Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

_ (click image to enlarge)_ There are many benefits to enjoying a hot cup of tea. Here are a few health conscious reasons why you should add a cup of tea to your daily routine. Better Memory Researchers in Japan examined the brain-protecting effects ...

Holiday Foods Quiz

Just because holiday dinner is traditionally a feast, it doesn’t have to be a high calorie one. Are you make the right choices?

Nutritional considerations during steroid treatment - Part 2

My last post reviewed some of the common adverse nutritional effects caused by steroid therapy, including stomach irritation, weight gain, and vitamin D and calcium deficiency. Additional complications of steroid treatment include protein breakdown, ...

Is Patting Down Pizza And Other Greasy Foods A Fat Loss Trick?

I’m always entertained when I have dinner with one of my friends. She has this habit of ordering fried foods and using paper towels or napkins to pat down all her fried foods from french fries to pizza. Since she knows I like to eat healthy she will ...