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Two Nutrients That Protect Against Hearing Loss

While turning down the volume and using ear plugs in exceptionally loud situations – such as rock concerts – are obviously important, your diet can actually help you protect your hearing, too.

Listeria in Your Kitchen?

Learn what this harmful bacteria is and how you can help prevent it in your home.

Four Foods That Make You Eat More

Assuming you’ve decided that diets just don’t work for you, but you also realize that you cannot continue carrying all that extra weight, then why not embrace the idea of food selectivity? The concept is pretty simple. Make a conscious decision to re...

Have You Eaten These Little-Known Antioxidant-rich Foods?

Most of us know that blueberries, garlic and green tea are packed with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. But there are plenty more foods that are as effective.

Can Chives Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Eating allium vegetables like chives can help prevent prostate, stomach, and colorectal cancers, thanks to their rich organosulfur compounds.

8 Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

While childhood obesity rates are on the decline, it’s still a prevalent problem in the U.S. Obesity in children is linked to increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke later in life. Early obesity prevention is crucial. Here’s how y...

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Food Additives That Can Kill Your Mood

You are probably aware of the physical impact food can have on your body, but what about the psychological? Even when you think you are eating a nutritious snack, chances are that there are hidden additives that could be harming your nervous system – ...

Preventing and Eliminating Heavy Metal Toxins

In today’s modern world, exposure to heavy metal toxins is unavoidable and happens on a daily basis. Everything from our food supply, water, air we breath and products we use contain toxins that eventually impact the functioning of our bodies and our ...

Onion and Garlic: Natural Healers

Onion and garlic have long been regarded as sacred foods with medicinal and spiritual value. Evidence for their elevated status historically can be found as far back as thousands of years ago in Egyptian and Indian cultures to name a few. Garlic for ...

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Which Foods Fight Prostate Cancer?

A number of foods contain antioxidants and lycopene - substances that help prevent cancer. Can you spot which foods are the best cancer fighters?