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Is There a Link Between Diet and Acne?

Chocolate, dairy, foods high in saturated fats, are they still the culprits for acne breakouts?

By Eileen Bailey

Could Wine Be Eroding Your Teeth?

When it comes to drinks that can damage your teeth, wine is close to the top of the list. You can blame that on its high acid content.

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

Are You At Risk for High Cholesterol?

You can’t see high cholesterol. You can’t feel it. It doesn’t have any symptoms. Yet it kills 500,000 Americans each year and is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke.

Aggressive Prostate Cancer and Low Vitamin D

Lower levels of vitamin D are linked to an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Learn what that could mean for your prostate health.

By David Levine

Processed Carbs May Raise Risk of Lung Cancer

Eating a lot of white bread, white rice, and other high-glycemic-index foods may increase your risk of lung cancer, according to this study.

By Deborah Kaplan

A Soda a Day Increases Belly Fat

If you drink soda or sugary drinks every day, you may be packing on heart-unhealthy belly fat, according to this study.

By Devon Schuyler

Is Your Coffee and Tea Habit Adding Sneaky Calories?

Credit: Thinkstock How many times a day do you grab coffee or tea? How many times a day do you add creamer, sugar, and other flavorings to those drinks? Data collected from over 13,000 coffee drinkers and 6,200 tea drinkers revealed that consumers ar...

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

9 Foods That May Fight Cancer

A plant-based diet is rich in potential cancer-fighting compounds. Here are 9 foods that show promise.

By Jacek L. Mostwin, M.D., D.Phil.

Eat Whole Grains and Live Longer?

New research associates eating whole-grain foods with an increased lifespan. Here’s how much you need to consume to reap the benefits.

By HealthAfter50

7 Things Men Should Know About Vitamin D

Learn the best ways to optimize your vitamin D levels to help protect yourself from prostate cancer.

By HealthAfter50