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Vitamin B12: A HealthCentral Explainer

What is it? Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble member of the B vitamin family (there are eight B vitamins total). It is the largest and most structurally complex of any vitamin. What does it do? In the world of B Vitamins (there are eight of them) vitami...

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5 Herbal Supplements That Don't Mix with Medications

Pharmacies and natural food stores are lined with shelves of herbal supplements that are thought to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. But for people taking prescription medications, these seemingly harmless supplements can cause adverse dru...

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Eat Your Vitamins!

While vitamin supplements are readily available just about everywhere, the best way to get the essential vitamins your body needs is through the foods you eat every day. Guess which vitamin(s) is in each of the following foods.

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How Do Vitamins Impact Your Health?

There are 13 vitamins and minerals essential to your body’s basic function: Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and eight B vitamins. Test your knowledge of these essential vitamins and their impact on your health.

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Alternative forms of feeding: Parenteral Nutrition

Sometimes a person with cancer cannot properly nourish their body through eating and drinking, and their doctor may recommend alternative modes of nutritional support. If the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is functioning normally, a feeding tube is usua...

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Centrum Multi Vitamin, Is This Drug Can Change Blood Sugar Levels

Question Asked by mohan Centrum Multi Vitamin ,Is This Drug Can Change Blood Sugar Levels Centrum multi vitamin ,Is this drug can change blood sugar levels of diabetic patient. Answer i would not think that a multi-vitamin can affect blood sugar. Are ...

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The Benefits of Garlic

The anti-cancer properties of garlic were first recognized in the 1950’s when scientists linked allicin, a principal component of garlic, to tumor inhibition. Since then scientific investigation has consistently demonstrated that regular garlic consu...

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Weighing In: What vitamins should I take?

Question: I am a 54-year-old women who is concerned with taking the right type of vitamins. What vitamins should I be taking and how much of each should I take? Answer: Unless you have a severely limited diet, a basic multivitamin should meet most of ...