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How to Treat Toenail Fungus

This stubborn infection can be difficult to cure, and is most common in adults older than 60.

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7 Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

Foot care is essential if you have diabetes. Here are seven tips for avoiding serious foot complications.

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How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Unless they’re causing you pain, you may not even think about regular foot care. Here’s how to keep feet comfortable and in top shape.

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Foot Pain and Menopause

Middle-age women often wish to be swept off their feet – but the reason may be due to foot pain instead of romance. Your feet change because of decades of standing and moving, which puts pressure on the feet’s 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 120 mu...

A group of runners without foot pain.

Home Remedies for Diabetic Foot Pain

If diabetic neuropathy is causing you foot pain, try these home remedies for medication-free pain relief.

Woman with foot pain at work, shoe off, rubbing foot.

Tips for Dealing with Sore Feet on the Job

Many jobs require a whole lot of time on your feet. After a long day of pounding, everything can hurt from heel to toe.