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Best Treatments for Chronic Foot Pain

If your foot pain is more than soreness from normal wear and tear, it’s time to create a treatment plan. Here's what you need to know.

By Celeste Cooper, RN
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How to Avoid Athlete's Foot

Summertime is usually the time to kick off your shoes and have some outdoor fun. The last thing on most people’s minds is worryig about developing some kind of foot fungus. But the heat and humidity of summertime provides a warm, moist environment in ...

By Jacqueline Ho
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Such a Heel! Plantar Fasciitis Can Stop Your Exercise Effort

In July 2008, I experienced some foot pain, but felt that I could work through it by exercising. Therefore, a round of Australian tennis doubles with two friends sounded wonderful in order to enjoy the warm weather and to burn a few caloriesBy the th...

By Dorian Martin