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Get the latest expert information, news, and patient insight on living with and management genital herpes, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, how to prevent transmission, mental health struggles, and more.

Man checking lip sore.

What’s the Difference Between The Herpes Viruses?

Is a cold sore the same virus as genital herpes? Can you get HSV-1 and HSV-2 genitally? Get the answers to these and other herpes questions.

By Emily Depasse

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Herpes

How did I get herpes? Did my partner cheat? Or did I have it before the relationship? How long can herpes stay dormant? These are some of the questions that people newly diagnosed with genital herpes ask. Here’s what we know about how this infection ...

By Charlotte Grayson, M.D.
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Why Your Annual Physical Is Key if You Have Herpes

How time slips by. It’s already March and I’m just now finishing scheduling the medical and dental appointments for my family. It’s a good idea to check in with a physician on an annual basis to make sure that you’re in the best of health, particular...

By Charlotte Grayson, M.D.
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10 Ways to Manage Herpes Symptoms

While there is no cure for herpes, and no guaranteed method of preventing the recurrence of herpes outbreaks, the following treatments can help relieve pain and discomfort. Practice good hygiene. Keep your body clean, wash your hands frequently and t...

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Get the Latest on New Genital Herpes Medications

Herpes medications are generally safe, whether you are taking herpes antiviral medication to treat an outbreak or you’re taking daily suppressive therapy. But like all medications, the herpes antiviral DO have side effects. Here’s what you need to kn...

By Charlotte Grayson, M.D.
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What to Know About Genital Bumps, Sores, and Ulcers in Men

About once or twice a month, I see a young male in his late teens or early 20s who come to me to evaluate a bump or lesion on his penis. Interestingly, many of these men have sought evaluation before and STILL don’t know what they have. Here are the ...

By Charlotte Grayson, M.D.
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This Treatment Could Prevent Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

Since I contracted herpes, whenever I’ve gone to the gynecologist she’s always asked me to estimate how many outbreaks I experience per year. I’m always taken back a bit by the question since, without medication, I tend to have about two outbreaks a ...

By Penelope James
Woman's legs on bed.

Yes, Masturbation After Herpes Is Totally OK (Here's Why)

A herpes diagnosis can make you feel disconnected from your body and your sexuality. Here are some strategies to help.

By Emily Depasse
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Can you Transmit oral Herpes to a Woman's Genitals?

Question Asked by John Can A Person With Hv1 Sores In The Mouth Transmit That To A Woman’s Genitals And It Become Hv2 ? Also, I have heard that it is thought that saliva kills the HV2 virus so that mouth to genital transmission (or vice versa) will n...

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How long Does it Take to Show Signs when Exposed to Herpes?

Question Asked by SK How Long Does It Take To Show Signs In A Women When Exposed To Herpes when a women is exposed to herpes how long can it take to see signs? My daughter has found out she has it and is tring to figure out who may have given it to h...

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My Doctor Claims I was Exposed to Herpes but not Infected. Why?

Question Asked by OnANeed2KnoBasis Was Told Herpes Test Was Positive…doctor Claims I Was Exposed But Not Infected about a month ago during my yearly check up with my gynecologist, i informed her that i wanted to get tested for a ful STD screening. i’...

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