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A woman with a map, planning a trip.

How to Avoid Gout Flares While Traveling

A gout flare can completely ruin a work trip or vacation. To minimize your risk of gout flares while traveling, follow these tips.

By Malaika Hill
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Eat This, Not That, If You Are Living With Gout

Living with gout? Here are some foods you can substitute for your old favorites. And, don’t worry, you can still enjoy a good drink and some sweets.

By Carmen Roberts, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
A man with gout holding his foot in pain.

How to Avoid Your Next Gout Attack

Once you’ve experienced the sudden, stabbing intensity of a gout flare, you’ll want to know these common triggers so it doesn't happen again.

By Malaika Hill
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Living With Gout? Eat Less of These Foods

You probably know alcohol aggravates gout. But did you know lentils, certain shellfish, and sugar can also push your uric acid levels too high?

By Carmen Roberts, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
An elbow swollen with gout.

Beyond the Big Toe: Where Does Gout Flare?

When gout flares, it can cause pain and complications all over your body. These are some of the most common places gout pops up.

By Malaika Hill
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Got Gout? Find Out if You’re Eating Smart

An overabundance of uric acid causes those achy joints. Here’s what to eat to keep your levels in check and help avoid painful flares.

By Carmen Roberts, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
Restaurateur John Fielding

How to Manage Gout in a Workplace Full of Triggers

DC Restaurateur John Fielding shares how he works around the rich foods that can cause his gout to flare.

By Pamela Kaufman

Examining the Connection Between Gout and Sleep Apnea

A study revealed that there may be a significant connection between sleep apnea and gout.

By Martin Reed
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DASH Diet May Help Relieve Gout

New research shows that the same diet that helps reduce blood pressure can help ease gout symptoms, too.

By Diane Domina
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Weighing In: What foods should I avoid if I have gout?

_Question: I suffer from gout, are there foods that I should avoid? _ Heather Reese: The most effective treatment for gout is medication; however, avoiding foods high in purines may help prevent flare-ups and/or relieve your symptoms. Gout is a painf...

By Heather Reese