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Women Are More Likely to Have Chronic Disease

Find out what chronic disease is costing American women — in finances and life — and what we can do to prevent it.

By Lene Andersen, MSW

Is Your Nursing Home Ready for an Emergency?

A top concern for anyone choosing or re-evaluating a nursing home or assisted living facility should be emergency preparedness.

By Ronni Sandroff

Caregiving Can Be a Mixed Blessing, Families Say

Having a devoted family caregiver can be invaluable for the person who needs help. But for the caregivers themselves there are benefits—and burdens.

By Greg Daugherty

Most Retirees Could Struggle to Pay Health Costs

Will you have enough money to pay your health care bills in retirement? If so, you may be among a lucky minority, a new report suggests.

By Greg Daugherty

In the Hospital Under Observation? What to Know

If you’re on Medicare and in the hospital under observation status, there’s good news–and bad news–about how you might be billed.

By HealthAfter50

If Medicaid Pays Your Bills, Here’s What to Know

Medicaid is the second-biggest source of U.S. health coverage. The American Health Care Act would cap spending on this program. Here’s what is at stake.

By Nancy Metcalf

Got a Pre-Existing Condition? Why You Should Worry

The American Health Care Act could strand people with pre-existing conditions in health plans that have high premiums and skimpy coverage. Here’s how.

By Nancy Metcalf

6 Things to Know About the American Health Care Act

The House has passed the American Health Care Act and it now heads to the Senate. Here are the six most important things to know about this legislation.

By Nancy Metcalf

ICU Discharge: How to Help Older Patients

A full recovery after a stay in a hospital’s intensive care unit can be difficult for older patients. Here’s what you can do to help.

By Pete Kelly

How to Prevent a Surprise Medical Bill

Doctors who aren’t in your health insurance network can charge you whatever they want. Here’s how to avoid a surprise medical bill and fight unfair bills.

By Nancy Metcalf