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Health Rule Change Could Cost Over-50s a Bundle

The health insurance debate has moved to Congress, and one of the first proposals would hike premiums for some older adults by several thousand dollars a year.

Does Medicare Cover Out-of-State Hospital Bills?

What happens if you’re on Medicare and need extensive medical treatment when you’re out of state? Will Medicare cover your bills? Here’s what to know.

Last Chance for Health Insurance: 6 Signup Tips

If you have somehow managed to get this far without obtaining health insurance, today, Jan. 31, is your very last chance for the year to sign up. Here are six ways to get through it quickly.

How Obamacare Changed Workplace Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) made some important changes to health insurance that workers get through their jobs. Here are five.

Why Is My Medicare Part B Premium So High?

Medicare Part B premiums are usually the same for everyone. But this year is different. Here’s why.

How to Get Rid of Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Normally, you can’t change your Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan except during open enrollment. But there are three little-known options that you might be able to use.

Why Obamacare Signup Is Still a Good Idea

The first steps toward repealing portions of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) have begun. But actual repeal could be months or years down the road.

5 Ways Obamacare Changed Health Insurance

To help you make sense of the coming debate on the Affordable Care Act, here’s a quick refresher on how this law has changed the U.S. health care system.

What Happens to Medicare if Obamacare Is Repealed?

Congress is now in the midst of a heated debate on the fate of the Affordable Care Act. If you’re on Medicare, you might think it doesn’t affect you. You would be wrong. Here’s why.

5 Ways to Get the Best Health Insurance Deal

Premiums are going up in many states in 2017, so open enrollment this year may seem extra stressful. Here’s how to find the best coverage.