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No Health Insurance? Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment on a Budget

Early detection is in your best interest. Here’s how to find breast cancer screening and treatment options when you’re uninsured or under-insured.

By PJ Hamel

House Calls: Mental Health Care at Home

Aging Well, wisdom, aging positively, women and age, ageism, women and beauty, beauty, women, age beautifully

By Carol Bradley Bursack

Will I Be Able to Get Health Insurance on the Exchange for 2018?

Health insurers continue to exit and enter the 2018 marketplace, but as of now every U.S. county will offer at least one plan. Here’s what else to know.

By Nancy Metcalf

4 Ways to Keep Health Costs Down in Retirement

While the federal Medicare program picks up a lot of the heath-care tab for Americans over 65, it doesn’t cover everything.

By Greg Daugherty

Few With Dementia Are Enrolled in Money Management Tool

One of the things a lot of us worry about is how long our parents will be able to take care of themselves — not just physically but financially.

By Greg Daugherty