Healthy Aging Topics


To Age Better, Think Positively

Positive thinking may not be a cure-all, or even a cure-anything, but when it comes to the health effects of aging, it has its pluses.

By Greg Daugherty

If Your Elder Is Lonely, Here’s How to Help

How to banish loneliness by helping elders remain part of the community.

By Carol Bradley Bursack

Dating Over 50: What Online Profiles Reveal

How do people describe themselves on online dating sites? And which qualities are they seeking in a potential partner? Here’s what the latest research shows.

By Andrea Rock

Dating Over 50: What Women Really Want

Emerging research is providing some surprising insights about how women age 50 and up feel about sex, dating, and long-term relationships.

By Andrea Rock

5 Ways to Make New Friends After 50

If you’ve recently left the workplace or moved out of state, you may be feeling a little isolated. But don’t despair. New opportunities still can abound.

By Ronni Sandroff

Dating Over 50: Where Matches Are Made

Dating websites are a popular way for people 50 and up to find romantic partners, but that doesn’t mean the old-fashioned ways of finding love no longer work.

By Andrea Rock

Activities that Might Slow Memory Decline

Which activities might slow memory decline for people with mild cognitive impairment? A new study uncovers some answers.

By Marian Freedman

Worried About Retirement? This Could Help

People who scored higher on a test for financial literacy were less likely to report feeling anxious about what their retirement years had in store for them.

By Greg Daugherty

Dating Over 50: More Are Looking for Love Online

Much of the stigma regarding online dating has disappeared, and nearly 60 percent of adults in the U.S. now view it as a good way to meet people.

By Andrea Rock

Is Dating an Old Friend a Good Idea?

While there are various ways you might cross paths with a love from long ago, living in today’s digital world increases the likelihood of that happening.

By Andrea Rock