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Woman living alone.

How to Stay Connected When You Live Alone

Even the most solitude-loving people get lonely sometimes. Here’s how to fight it.

By Lara DeSanto
Smiling wife, happy couple.

Happy Wife, Happy Life: A Happier Partner Could Help You Live Longer

Could your partner’s happiness really be more important than your own in affecting your health? Here’s what the research says.

By Lara DeSanto
Smiling group of friends at pizzeria.

10 Best Things to Say to Someone Fighting a Chronic Illness

These aren’t your generic “hope you feel better” statements, or awkward sentiments of “call me if you need me.” These are phrases that will open a line of communication, and even jumpstart actions that will make a lasting positive impact on the health and life of your loved one.

By Steve Calechman
Woman using a virtual reality simulator.

Virtual Reality Can Make You More Compassionate, Study Shows

Individuals who participated in a VR experience saw what it would be like to lose their homes and jobs, and therefore developed longer-lasting compassion toward homeless people.

By Lara DeSanto
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If Your Elder Is Lonely, Here’s How to Help

How to banish loneliness by helping elders remain part of the community.

By Carol Bradley Bursack
Doctors shaking hands with patient

How to Manage Multiple Illnesses

Have you been newly diagnosed with multiple illnesses? Check out these tips on how to live a thriving life while managing multiple diseases.

By Alisha Bridges
group of seniors talking over coffee

5 Ways to Make New Friends After 50

If you’ve recently left the workplace or moved out of state, you may be feeling a little isolated. But don’t despair. New opportunities still can abound.

By Ronni Sandroff
Worried About Retirement? This Could Help

Worried About Retirement? This Could Help

People who scored higher on a test for financial literacy were less likely to report feeling anxious about what their retirement years had in store for them.

By Greg Daugherty
Dating Over 50: More Are Looking for Love Online

Dating Over 50: More Are Looking for Love Online

Much of the stigma regarding online dating has disappeared, and nearly 60 percent of adults in the U.S. now view it as a good way to meet people.

By Andrea Rock
Happiness in Retirement

3 Ways to Boost Happiness in Retirement

Depending upon how you structure it, retirement can be good for your health. But if you find yourself without a social network, it may have the opposite effect.

By Greg Daugherty