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10 Best Things to Say to Someone Fighting a Chronic Illness

These aren’t your generic “hope you feel better” statements, or awkward sentiments of “call me if you need me.” These are phrases that will open a line of communication, and even jumpstart actions that will make a lasting positive impact on the health and life of your loved one.

By Steve Calechman
Young woman on social media.

A Closer Look at the Effects of Social Media on Body Image

Ways young women interact with images of others online often have a negative effect on their feelings about themselves and their bodies, according to a study.

By Diane Domina
Woman checking social media on smartphone.

Are Bots Tainting Health Info on Social Media?

Social media accounts run by internet robots — “bots” — may be behind much of the discussion on Twitter about the health effects of vaping.

By Diane Domina
Young woman taking a selfie.

What Picture-Perfect Selfies May Be Doing to Our Self-Esteem

Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facetune give editing features once available only to celebrities to the common man (or woman), changing beauty standards.

By Diane Domina
Group of people enjoying a coffee bar.

Coffee Shop Tips to Avoid Acid Reflux

Love the flavor of coffee but struggle with acid reflux after a hot cup? These hacks can help you continue to enjoy a trip to your favorite coffee shop.

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.
Woman using a smartphone app outdoors.

Best Chronic Illness Health Apps of 2017

If you live with a chronic illness, these apps can help you stay on track of your appointments, medications, and symptoms.

By Alice Williams
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Is Social Media Your Health Guru?

Despite the marvelous payoffs that social media offers, including immediate connectivity with hot button issues and real-time trends, social media to some extent, has become the bane of doctors.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.