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Woman meeting with cosmetic surgery.

Enlarge Your Breasts? Get a Nose Job? Millions Are Doing It

So, what kind of “work” are people having these days? A new report shows a rise in cosmetic procedures like fat reduction, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

By Diane Domina
Nurse caring for a patient after surgery.

Post-Surgery Deaths Surpass Those From HIV, TB, and Malaria Combined

Worldwide, more than 4 million people die within 30 days after surgery each year, while HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria cause nearly 3 million deaths per year.

By Diane Domina
Family visiting man in hospital bed.

Research Sheds Light on Top Dangers After Surgery

Heart injuries, major bleeding, and sepsis are the leading causes of death related to noncardiac surgery, according to the VISION study.

By Diane Domina