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9 Ways A.I. Is Changing the Medical Field

Robotic science has always been a basis for Hollywood entertainment, Sci-Fi novels and childhood fantasies. Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept, and while the technology hasn’t advanced to Spielbergian expectations, AI is being used to transf...

By Amanda Page
Amazon Alexa.

Alexa, Can You Help Me Donate Blood?

Have an Amazon Alexa device? Now you can use it to schedule an appointment at your nearest blood drive, get first aid tips, and more.

By Lara DeSanto
Woman using a virtual reality simulator.

Virtual Reality Can Make You More Compassionate, Study Shows

Individuals who participated in a VR experience saw what it would be like to lose their homes and jobs, and therefore developed longer-lasting compassion toward homeless people.

By Lara DeSanto
Woman using a smartphone app outdoors.

Best Chronic Illness Health Apps of 2017

If you live with a chronic illness, these apps can help you stay on track of your appointments, medications, and symptoms.

By Alice Williams
Man lying on couch with remote in hand binge watching television.

Tips for Beating the TV Binge and Getting Quality Sleep

Binge-watching seems fun at first, but it often exacts a price on your mood, health, and wellbeing

By Alice Williams
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Is Social Media Your Health Guru?

Despite the marvelous payoffs that social media offers, including immediate connectivity with hot button issues and real-time trends, social media to some extent, has become the bane of doctors.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.
 Your Smartphone and Your Health

Your Smartphone and Your Health

Constantly on your phone? Here’s why it may be bad for your health—in more ways than one.

By Jacqueline Ho
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The Latest Health Tech Gadgets

Over the past few months, the tech world has been buzzing with the rumor that Apple is developing a wearable health-monitoring device. But for now, at least, the tech giant is keeping its plans under wraps. In the meantime, plenty of other companies ...

By Amanda Page