Heart Health Topics


7 Tips For Going Vegan

If you're considering a vegan diet, read these seven helpful tips on how to go vegan, from the author of The Struggling Vegan.

By Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

How to Travel with Heart Disease

Learn about what you can do to plan ahead when traveling with Heart Disease.

By Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

Advances in Heart Medicines: When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough

Learn about medicines that can help prevent heart attack or stroke when blood pressure or cholesterol remain high despite your best efforts.

By Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

Can Diet Drinks Lead to Stroke and Dementia?

Drinking diet soda daily was linked to increased risk of stroke and dementia in this recent study, but how accurate are the results?

By Andrea Klausner

Adjusting to Life with an ICD

People with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators are at risk for depression and anxiety, which can affect their outcome and quality of life.

By HealthAfter50

3 Tips for Safer Running After 50

Running can be tough on your joints, especially at age 50 and up. Up to half of all runners report an injury annually. Take these steps to stay safe.

By Sandra Gordon

Tweaking the DASH Diet Is OK

Substituting full-fat dairy products for lowfat or nonfat versions on the DASH diet does not reverse the health benefits of the diet, according to this study.

By Sherrie Negrea

New Nutrition Labels Focus on Heart Health

New labels on packaged foods will highlight added sugars and other nutrients that contribute to chronic health conditions like obesity and heart disease.

By Amy Norton

3 Common Workout Mistakes

Calling all athletes—or anyone exercising deliberately for heart goals: Are you making these 3 common mistakes in your spring training?

By Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

Coronary Artery Disease: 11 Ways to Cut Your Risk

The more risk factors you have for coronary artery disease, the greater your chance of developing it. Here are 11 ways to cut your risk and help your heart.

By HealthAfter50