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Heart Failure

9 Tips for Exercising With Heart Valve Disease

Cardio and strength training—done safely—can have serious benefits for your heart health. It’s time to get started!

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Heart Health

Why Did I Get Heart Valve Disease?

Learn how this serious heart disorder develops, and how you can lower your risk to prevent heart attack, arrhythmias, blood clots, and stroke.

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Heart Failure

Living With Heart Failure: How To Improve Nutrition

Learn more about how to improve diet choices and nutrition to mitigate or prevent the symptoms of heart failure.

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Heart Health

Treatment Advances for Patients With Heart Failure

Learn more about advances in treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF), which include various medicines, implantable devices, and new wearable technology.

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Heart Health

When the Heart Fails

Understanding the basics of heart failure can help you feel more in control—and less afraid. Find out more about the different types, how they’re diagnosed, and what the best treatment options are.

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Heart Failure

Simple Ways to Manage Fluid Buildup

When you have heart failure, one major sign that it could be getting worse is excess fluid buildup in your body. Here are some key steps to keeping your levels in balance.

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Heart Failure

Let's Talk About Congestive Heart Failure

When the heart weakens, it can trigger a serious domino effect in the body. We explore why it happens and what you can do.

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Heart Health

Want to Make Better Food Choices? Do This at Night

If sleep is fleeting—especially if you’re a woman—you may be more likely to adopt heart-harming eating habits, according to new research. Here’s the 411.