Hepatitis C

How to Care for a Loved One with Hep C

by Nirah Johnson Patient Expert
Hepatitis C

8 Myths About Hepatitis C

by Allison Tsai Editor
Hepatitis C

How to Tell a Loved One You Have Hep C

by Teri Addabbo Patient Expert

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Hepatitis C

The 10 Most Common Hepatitis C Questions—Answered

All the expert-vetted info you need to live your best life with hep C.

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Hepatitis C

9 Zero-Proof Cocktails to Try Now

If you have hepatitis C, you'll love toasting with these alcohol-free cocktails that come packed with fresh fruit, veggies (yes!), and all the flavor. Bottoms up!

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Hepatitis C

Just Diagnosed With Hepatitis C? Here Are Your Next Steps

Know what to do with Hepatitis C from diagnosis and testing to treatment and beyond.

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Hepatitis C

Let’s Talk About Treatment for Hepatitis C

You have some seriously effective options for managing symptoms—and a darn good chance at reaching remission, too.

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Hepatitis C

Let's Talk About Hepatitis C

Read on as our experts help us zero in on hepatitis C causes, symptoms, treatments and lots of other facts and tips that can make life with hep C a lot easier.

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Liver Cancer Rising Dramatically in the U.S.

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Hepatitis C

How Hepatitis C Progresses

Though progression of hepatitis C occurs very slowly, sometimes taking up to 30 years, it can progress much more quickly in some people. Others have the virus for years and have only minimal liver damage.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Terms to Know

An antibody is a substance found in the blood that the body produces in response to a virus. If someone has an antibody blood test done to detect hepatitis C, the test is identifying if a person has antibodies to the virus, which would indicate that ...