Hepatitis C


Steps to Access Hep C Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C (HCV) and have not been treated, taking basic steps to access treatment has never been easier. Especially because of the new medications that are now available and with side effects being relatively mild. G...

By Theodore Miller

Can Hep C Be Cured?

Hepatitis C is a virus that can be cured. Hep C is an RNA virus. It does not incorporate into the DNA of your cells. The Hep C virus must replicate to survive. Hep C Viral Replication Hep C is now treated with highly effective antiviral medication th...

By Nirah Johnson

Best and Worst Beverages for Hep C

Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver and therefore taking care of your liver becomes a priority after being diagnosed with hepatitis C. Since everything you eat and drink passes through your liver, adopting healthy nutritional habits can be benefici...

By Theodore Miller

Natural Ways to Help Your Liver with Hep C

Hep C is caused by a virus that infects and can damage the liver. Liver damage often happens slowly over several decades, so you have lots of opportunities to make positive changes in your life. Here are six ways to help your liver naturally if you h...

By Nirah Johnson

Managing Hep C Symptoms

Hep C can be asymptomatic for many years, though the disease may be silently progressing. The most common symptoms include: extreme fatigue, pain, anxiety or depression, and digestive problems. Here are a few tips to help you manage symptoms. Extreme ...

By Nirah Johnson

How to Care for a Loved One with Hep C

Living with hepatitis C can be challenging. Support can help your loved one through the tough times. Here is how you can help.

By Nirah Johnson

10 Foods for Living Well with Hepatitis C

While there isn’t a specific diet to benefit everyone with hepatitis C, a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables is certainly a healthy option for everyone. Those with hepatitis C are at an increased risk for fatty liver disease and type 2 diabet...

By Amanda Page

No Symptoms with Hepatitis C: Why Rock the Boat?

The majority of people with hepatitis C remain asymptomatic until late stages of disease. It’s common to have Hep C for decades and feel just fine. Amazingly, not all people with Hep C will develop liver problems at all. Some people have Hep C and re...

By Nirah Johnson

Finding Care for Hepatitis C

You may have just found out you have Hep C, or may have known for years. Hep C is caused by a virus that can damage the liver. The good news is, Hep C can now be cured in about three months with all oral medications, with few side effects. If you are ...

By Nirah Johnson

Natural Remedies For The Liver: Do They Work?

Our liver filters out and excretes toxins from our body. We often ask what we can take to improve our liver health, but in fact: the less we take, the better. Less is more for the liver There are some natural remedies that have been studied in reputa...

By Nirah Johnson