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No Symptoms with Hepatitis C: Why Rock the Boat?

The majority of people with hepatitis C remain asymptomatic until late stages of disease. It’s common to have Hep C for decades and feel just fine. Amazingly, not all people with Hep C will develop liver problems at all. Some people have Hep C and re...

Finding Care for Hepatitis C

You may have just found out you have Hep C, or may have known for years. Hep C is caused by a virus that can damage the liver. The good news is, Hep C can now be cured in about three months with all oral medications, with few side effects. If you are ...

Hepatitis C and Baby-Boomers: Am I At risk?

What is Hep C? Hepatitis C (Hep C) has been in the news a lot recently, but because it is not well understood, many remain unaware of their risk. Hep C is caused by a virus that is transmitted through blood. Hep C can lead to liver disease, liver can...

Relationships and Hep C

A personal account of how living with hepatitis C can make an impact on your relationships.

Does Diabetes Increase Hepatitis Risk?

Dr. Bill Quick assesses the risk a person living with diabetes has of developing viral hepatitis.

Your Job and Hep C Treatment

If you’ve recently decided to take the first step at tackling your hepatitis C, congratulations! Deciding on treatment can be an emotional and difficult step to take. Many of the common treatments for hepatitis C come with its fair share of side effe...

Living with Hepatitis C

HealthCentral’s Yumhee Park recently interviewed Paul Bolter of the American Liver Foundation on issues surrounding hepatitis C, such as dealing with stigma, how young people are affected by the virus, and ways to be proactive when living with hepati...

Beauty Treatments and Hepatitis C Risk

When you are living with hepatitis C, anything involving needles or some sort of blood can make you wary of spreading the disease to others. Here are the hepatitis C risks associated with four common beauty treatments.

5 Things To Do When Diagnosed With Hep C

Being diagnosed with hepatitis C can be very difficult. Here are five things for a person diagnosed with hepatitis C to do.

Food to Avoid with Hepatitis C

Alcohol has a clear detrimental effect on the liver, and someone with hepatitis C (HCV) needs to be especially careful. In order to recover from HCV and prevent liver damage, abstaining from alcohol is an important dietary step.