Guy Anthony’s Story: Life After HIV Diagnosis and Sexual Abuse

One man tells the story of how he turned a difficult past of sexual abuse and an HIV diagnosis into a life of advocacy.

By Alisha Bridges

New Test Is Better at Detecting Latent HIV

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health in Pennsylvania have developed a new test that may detect human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) hiding in immune system cells more efficiently. The research was published r...

HIV Cure Remains Elusive, Despite Recent Headlines

Many people with HIV desperately want to be cured, and may have been given false hope because of misleading reports.


Should I Get HIV Tested?

The CDC recommends getting tested for HIV at least once in your life. Find out when and why!

By Eileen Bailey

Progress in the Quest for a Vaccine for HIV/AIDS

HIV continues to spread across the United States and across the world. As of 2011, it was estimated that 34 million people around the world were living with HIV/AIDS. Over 1.2 million of those in the United States. [] Each year, in the US, a...

By Eileen Bailey