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Get the facts and patient stories on living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficency syndrome (AIDS).

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Are We Closer to a Cure for HIV?

Here’s some good health news: After a stem cell transplantation, a person in London has become the second-ever person to be completely cured of HIV.

By Lara DeSanto

Should You Take PrEP to Prevent HIV? Here's What You Should Know

The drug is more than 90% effective at preventing the spread of HIV through sex. So why aren’t more docs prescribing it?

By Lara DeSanto
Should I Get HIV Tested?

Should I Get HIV Tested?

The CDC recommends getting tested for HIV at least once in your life. Find out when and why!

By Eileen Bailey
STD blood tests being held by nurse in rubber glove.

STDs and HIV Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about HIV and STDs, through frequently asked questions.

By Eileen Bailey
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The Herpes - HIV connection and Conundrum

Did you know that having herpes can put you at a higher risk of catching HIV if exposed? Well, it’s true so researchers though that the opposite might hold true as well. Researchers decided to test the theory that maybe by treating herpes - they coul...

By Amy Hendel, P.A.
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HIV Therapy Linked to High Cholesterol: What You Should Know

It wasn’t too long ago that the annual mortality from HIV infection exceeded 20 percent/yr. Much to the credit of the scientific community which aggressively researched this disease and to the credit of our society as a whole for accepting the realit...

By Steven Kang, M.D.