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Mandy Morgan and her future husband.

Will My Chronic Illness Ruin My Wedding Day?

When Mandy got engaged to the love of her life, she was thrilled — but then the what-ifs of ulcerative colitis took over her thoughts.

By Mandy Patterson
Man hard at work

How I Stay Productive at Work With Crohn's

Is your IBD getting in the way of your job productivity? These tips can help you stay on track even with your symptoms.

By Brian Greenberg
Legs on the toilet

How Digestive Tracts are Like Fight Club

What with all the stigma surrounding ulcerative colitis and other digestive health conditions, this woman with UC has one simple plea for modern society.

By Jackie Zimmerman
Woman on a couch using a laptop.

IBD: 3 Women Share Stories About Applying for Disability

HealthCentral spoke with three women who successfully applied for Social Security insurance benefits about their experiences and advice for others.

By Mandy Patterson
Woman looking out window.

My 5 Biggest Insecurities About UC

Living with a chronic condition like IBD can cause feelings of stress, guilt and insecurity. Here’s how Mandy overcame her worries.

By Mandy Patterson
Headshot of Jackie Zimmerman.

How I Learned to Live With Ulcerative Colitis

Jackie shares the story of how she was diagnosed in UC, from hiding it from her friends to learning to embrace it as part of her identity.

By Jackie Zimmerman