7 Steps to Avoiding Knee Pain

Human beings are well designed for many things. We have large brains for poetry and quantum mechanics; we are good long distance runners, and of course have these awesome opposable thumbs. Unfortunately, some parts are not designed very well for our ...


What's the Most Effective Non-Surgical Treatment for Knee Pain?

In a new meta-analysis looking at non-surgical treatments for OA of the knee, the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) naproxen ranked most effective for reducing pain and improving function.

By Diane Domina

Exercise vs. Surgery for Knee Pain: What Works

If you are considering arthroscopic surgery to fix knee pain from degenerative meniscus tears, you might want to hold off. Here’s why.

By Amy Kraft

Will Knee Replacement Ease Your Pain?

Knee replacement surgery can improve your quality of life and relieve pain—but it’s important to have realistic expectations.

By Laird Harrison

What to Know About Joint Replacement

You’ve tried everything else to relieve your joint pain. When is it time to consider surgery?

By HealthAfter50

Don't Ignore Buckling Knees

Knee buckling increases your risk of falling, and it’s particularly common in people who have arthritis or knee pain.

By HealthAfter50

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