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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C and Fatty Liver Disease: What’s the Connection?

Having hep C can increase your odds of this other tricky liver condition. Get the facts on risk factors and treatment.

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Hepatitis C

The Differences (and Similarities) You Need to Know About Past and Present Hepatitis C Treatment

Older treatment for Hepatitis C had a lot of side effects and you had to stay on the drugs for a long time. With new meds, these downsides are mostly a thing of the past.

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Hepatitis C

All Your Hepatitis C Treatment Questions, Answered

Is hep C curable? Which treatment is best? What about side effects? Get the scoop on these and other common questions.

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Hepatitis C

The Very Good News on Hepatitis C Research

Treatments for this condition are becoming more effective and less expensive every day. Here are the breakthroughs to watch.

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Hepatitis C

9 Ways Hepatitis C Affects Your Body

The liver damage associated with this chronic condition can cause a cascade of physical complications over time.

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Hepatitis C

Medications and Supplements to Avoid With Hep C

When your liver isn't functioning at 100%, certain drugs may be harder for your body to process.

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Hepatitis C

Need Hep C Treatment Coverage? Here’s Help!

New medicines are highly effective—but very expensive. Learn more about coverage options if you need to take HCV drugs.

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Hepatitis C

9 Zero-Proof Cocktails to Try Now

If you have hepatitis C, you'll love toasting with these alcohol-free cocktails that come packed with fresh fruit, veggies (yes!), and all the flavor. Bottoms up!