Nutrition Tips to Keep You Healthy Through Menopause

Your diet is just as important as you age as it has been all your life, so don't let menopause be when you stop paying attention. Here are some key areas to focus on.

By Robin Elise Weiss, Ph.D.

High Carb Diet May Be Linked to Earlier Menopause

Diet can affect the age at which a woman experiences menopause, according to a study. A diet high in carbohydrates like pasta and rice is associated with early menopause.

By Diane Domina

Busting Soy Myths So You Can Enjoy Soy!

Here are the reasons the health benefits of soy outweigh the potential dangers.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

How to Stop Menopause Weight Gain

Feel like you’ve put on weight lately? Here’s why and what to do about it.

By HealthAfter50

What Is Black Cohosh?

Cimicifuga racemosa, often called black cohosh, black snake root, or rattleweed, is a native American plant long used to treat “female complaints.”

By Berkeley Wellness