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Men's Health

How to Get Your Guy to Go to the Doctor

Does sending your spouse to the M.D. feel like pulling teeth? Here are some expert tactics that might work.

Prostate Cancer

Helping a Loved One With Advanced Prostate Cancer

From being a good advocate (and a great listener) to studying up on the disease, here’s what caregivers can do to make the journey easier.

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Prostate Cancer

What Are the Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer risk increases based on a variety of factors—some within your control and some not. Here’s what you should know.

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Prostate Cancer

9 Ways to Cut Your Prostate Cancer Risk

Research says diet tweaks, exercise, and some medications are among the steps that could reduce your likelihood for this common disease.

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Prostate Cancer

What to Know About Testing for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Discover how periodic blood tests and a variety of computer scans can help your doctor keep tabs on whether your cancer is spreading.

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Fitness & Exercise

Hydration 101

Take this quiz to see if you are getting enough H2O and why it’s so important.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s Talk About Erectile Dysfunction

We’ve got the doctor-approved scoop on erectile dysfunction causes, symptoms, treatments, and other facts and tips that can make life with ED easier.

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Prostate Health

Should You Get Your Prostate Checked?

Take this short questionaire from the American Urological Association to help you decide if you may have issues with your prostate that need to be treated.