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What Do You Know About Prostate Biopsy?

A prostate biopsy, performed on an outpatient basis, takes about 20 minutes and is used to diagnose or rule out prostate cancer. Here’s what to expect.

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Making Sense of Prostate Cancer Tumor Stages

The TNM staging system describes how far prostate cancer has spread and helps determine appropriate treatment options.

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Testing for Advanced Prostate Cancer

What kind of tests can help you understand an advanced prostate cancer diagnosis? This slideshow explains your options.

What Is A Gleason Score

What Is a Gleason Score?

If you have prostate cancer, your Gleason score helps you understand how aggressive the cancer is, and it helps you choose the best treatment.

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How Effective Are Prostate Cancer Tests?

There are many tests out there to help diagnose prostate cancer, but it’s not yet clear how useful they are. Here’s what to consider.

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Should You Get Screened for Prostate Cancer?

It's a good idea to get PSA tests to screen for prostate cancer, but a positive diagnosis doesn't always mean you need treatment. Here's the latest guidelines.

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When Prostate Biopsies Go Wrong

Prostate biopsies are common, but they can sometimes cause infections. Here's what you should know about infection risks from prostate biopsies.

What You Need to Know About Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests for Prostate Cancer

From prostate biopsy to molecular testing for biomarkers, here's all the tests your doctor might use to diagnose advanced prostate cancer.