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Happy overweight woman eating a salad in the kitchen.

Mindfulness May Curb Stress-Eating

Mindfulness techniques could help you avoid overeating when you're stressed out, according to this study.

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How Hobbies Can Reduce Stress in MS

Having an artistic outlet can help reduce stress and raise self-esteem for people with MS.

Stress eating late at night

Stress is Just as Bad as Junk Food

Stress can cause changes in gut bacteria that have similar effects as a high-fat diet, according to this study.

Husband in military saying goodbye to wife prior to deployment.

I'm Pregnant and My Spouse is Deployed: How I Get Through

There are many things I can’t control, like when I get to talk to my husband, when he’s coming home, and when our little baby will be born.

Woman smiling and touching her face while looking in the mirror.

Understanding the Mind/Skin Connection

For people with chronic skin conditions, stress can be a contributing factor to flares.

Businesswoman writing in her schedule.

Living With ADHD: Improving Your Time Management

Five common myths about time management, and ideas for completing tasks more effectively.

Repetitive thought, OCD concept.

How To Stop Obsessing

Learn how to stop obsessive thoughts.

Meditation May Help Lower Your A1C

Meditation May Help Lower Your A1C

Managing stress should be just as important as other components when controlling your diabetes.