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Mindfulness and Anxiety: What Research Tells Us

There is a growing interest in mindfulness, but what is it, exactly? And does it help with anxiety? We clarify the research on this popular practice.

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Why Do We Fall for ‘Fake News’?

So-called fake news — journalism or propaganda based on sensationalism, exaggeration, or deliberate misinformation — why do we fall for it and spread it?

James Rutland and Dunkin.

Service Dogs to the Rescue: Vets, Canines, and PTSD

Veteran James Rutland credits his four-legged friend for helping him return to health. Read about the science behind service dogs helping to treat PTSD.

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What Are the Steps to Take After a Bipolar Disorder and Depression Diagnosis?

You’ve just received the news – you have bipolar disorder and depression. What do you do next? Learn more here.

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What Should You Know About Bipolar Disorder?

Approximately 2.6 percent of adults in the United States are diagnosed with bipolar disease, but the exact cause is unknown. Learn more about this mental health disorder.

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This Is Your Brain on Chocolate

A small piece of very dark chocolate as a regular treat can satisfy your sweet tooth and offer a range of health benefits including: helping to limit (mild) high blood pressure and supporting heart health. A new study now suggests that eating chocola...