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What You Need to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Want to truly understand yourself or a loved one with bipolar disorder? Read nine these facts that will change your understanding forever.

Woman looking in the mirror.

Misconceptions About Bipolar Disorder

Even the best psychiatrists have set ideas about bipolar disorder that aren’t entirely accurate. Hear from the perspective of someone with the illness.

Aimless and lost concept

Knowing the Differences Between Mental Disorders

The current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), the psychiatrist’s “Bible,” lists several hundred disorders – one in five American adults has at least one.

Feeling low after IBD diagnosis

Grief After an IBD Diagnosis, It's Natural

Feelings of grief and loss, similar to losing a loved one, can often occur after an IBD diagnosis due to not feeling like your ‘old self’ anymore.

Young woman and parents, mental health issues in family.

Family Denies Manic-Depressive Disease Is Real

A woman speaks out about her family member’s battle to advocate for bipolar disorder, and the family that won’t believe him.

Rowland 'Roly' Egerton-Warbuton and his big blue eyes.

ADNP Syndrome: From Powerless to Empowered

A family learns their son has a rare neurodevelopmental disorder ― and they fight back.

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Strengthen Your Migraine Brain

Some Migraine-related cognitive problems cannot be corrected with a prescription. Instead, certain skills and mental exercises must be learned and practiced regularly.

Older person depressed staring at floor.

How to Lift Late-Life Depression

Many older adults mistakenly believe their sadness is a normal part of aging. But untreated late-life depression can intensify. Here’s how to find help.

Pile of Vintage Objects

Hoarding Disorder: Cutting Through the Clutter

Hoarding disorder—living amid excessive clutter and being resistant to throwing things away—is not uncommon in older adults. Here’s what to know.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder vs. Normal Worry

Everyone worries, to some degree, about things at work or home. And with news of violent incidents and uncertainty about the economy, who doesn’t consider worst-case scenarios? Almost everyone seems to experience worrisome thoughts. So how do you kno...