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Dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate for Depression? Science Says Yes

Good news for the chocoholics out there: New research finds that this yummy food may help those with depression symptoms.

Clean eating concept, healthy salad.

When Does 'Clean Eating' Become a Disorder?

It is possible to overdo healthy eating. A new study pinpoints risk factors for the eating disorder orthorexia.

Good day at office, coping is working.

9 Essential Coping Strategies for Bipolar Disorder

Don’t let your bipolar disorder run the show. Here are nine essential strategies that will allow you to live your full life despite your mood disorder.

Stress eating late at night

Stress is Just as Bad as Junk Food

Stress can cause changes in gut bacteria that have similar effects as a high-fat diet, according to this study.

Jar of fresh yogurt, berries and muesli

Using Food to Treat Health Conditions

Fruits and vegetables can boost your mood, and yogurt can reverse depression symptoms.

Hypericum flower. Natural summer background with yellow flowers.

What Is St. John's Wort?

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a yellow flowering weed that has been used to treat various “nervous disorders” for centuries. It is sold in Germany, usually by prescription, as an antidepressant and in the United States as a dietary supple...

Woman reaching for food on grocery store shelf.

Food to Avoid When You Have Bipolar Disorder

A number of studies have found that a poor diet can trigger bipolar mood swings and worsen bipolar outcomes. Learn what to avoid.

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Achieving Healthy Weight Gain

While most Americans struggle to lose weight, there are some who are underweight and unable to gain enough weight to stay in the healthy range. While certain individuals may inherently have a high metabolism, others may have an illness or chronic con...