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Group of people looking at smartphones

Social Media Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Have a Lot in Common

People who are addicted to social media have personality traits similar to those who engage in the risky use of alcohol, say researchers at Bond University.

Young woman on social media.

A Closer Look at the Effects of Social Media on Body Image

Ways young women interact with images of others online often have a negative effect on their feelings about themselves and their bodies, according to a study.

Young woman taking a selfie.

What Picture-Perfect Selfies May Be Doing to Our Self-Esteem

Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facetune give editing features once available only to celebrities to the common man (or woman), changing beauty standards.

Creative brain illustration.

How the Brain Works to Be Social, Even When We're Alone

The human brain focuses on social information and social learning even while at rest and outside of social situations.

Businesswoman writing in her schedule.

Living With ADHD: Improving Your Time Management

Five common myths about time management, and ideas for completing tasks more effectively.

Depressed, lonely teen male image.

How I Experienced Depression as a Teenager

Mental health speaker, Mike Veny shares his story of growing up as a teenager with depression and what would have helped to treat it during that time.

woman victim of cyberbullying image

Surviving Cyberbullying

Once a cyberbullying attack starts, it can quickly build momentum. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll contain the situation.