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Capitol Hill, the day of Headache on the Hill 2017.

The Basics: How Can You Advocate As A Patient In Washington?

Two experts speak about how advocating on Capitol Hill can change the landscape for your chronic condition(s). Find out how to get involved and why you should.

Capitol Hill

What Might Surprise You About Advocating On Capitol Hill?

Learn what parts of patient advocacy in Washington, D.C. might be so different, they surprise you, including what an "ask" is and who you'll meet.

U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C.

7 Tips for Patient Advocacy on Capitol Hill

If you're a patient advocate planning to bring your message of awareness to Capitol Hill, these 7 tips can help you prepare for your trip to Washington D.C.

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National Migraine Awareness Month: More Than Just a Headache

Each day, approximately 430,000 people are unable to go to work because of a Migraine. In a year, that adds up to 157 million lost work days and industry losses of $31 billion. There are more than 37 million Migraineurs in America, yet Migraine disea...