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Reni’s Migraine Tip: Show Your True Colors

A true hero is one who reaches out to a hurting friend through the darkness of their own pain and heals them both.

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Chronic Illness and the Sibling Relationship

When all three children in a family have chronic conditions, it can strain sibling relationships—but it can also create a special kind of closeness and compassion.

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The Cost of Hiding Migraine

Here’s why trying to keep your Migraines a secret only perpetuates the stigma surrounding the disease.

Woman using a laptop

4 Ways Digital Devices Can Trigger Migraines

Eliminating screens from your life is just about impossible these days — but there are ways to keep them from causing Migraine attacks.

Move Against Migraine campaign image

Move Against Migraine Campaign in Full Swing

The largest Migraine awareness initiative to date seeks to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

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Rosa Sundquist: A Hopeful and Determined Migraine Patient

Despite years of pain every day, Migraine patient Rosa Sundquist never gave up her quest for effective treatments.

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Natural Remedies to Limit Migraine Attacks

These things won’t help you abort a Migraine attack, but they may help to naturally prevent one in the first place.

Grace Buckwalter modeling her dress.

Teen Designs Migraine Detecting Dress

To help her mother, 15-year-old Grace Buckwalter decided to find a way to help detect a migraine before it starts.

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Chronic Migraine vs. Episodic: What You Need to Know

Migraines come in different forms. Here’s how to tell which type you’ve got.