Inspiring stories and cutting-edge research on migraine, including how to cope with painful symptoms at work and home. Medical professionals and patient experts provide an overview of treatment options and offer creative strategies to live around the condition.


Ketamine Infusions for Migraine

One patient in a study in Philadelphia called a five-day ketamine infusion “life changing.”

By Tammy Rome

Status Migrainosus - Not Your Average Migraine

Status migrainosus refers to a debilitating condition in which a Migraine attack can last three days or longer with little to no relief. In most cases, status migrainosus can be treated in the emergency room or doctor’s office and won’t lead to any p...

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley

GammaCore Now Approved for Acute Migraine Treatment

Imagine putting a stop to your next Migraine attack with the push of a button.

By Tammy Rome

Migraine and School Options

A look at some ways to keep Migraine from negatively impacting your child’s schooling.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley

5 Things I’ve Learned From Living With a Rare Neurological Condition

These are some of the lifestyle changes you need to make when you have sporadic hemiplegic migraines.

By Sunny Fitzgerald

FDA Announces Warning Label for OTC Migraine Medications

New labels will warn consumers that medication overuse headache may occur if they take certain over-the-counter drugs too frequently.

By Tammy Rome

Can I Take Migraine Drugs During Medication Overuse?

Always talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms when stopping a drug.

By Ask the Clinician

Sleep Apnea and Migraine: Is There a Connection?

If you wake up with headache pain or snore a lot at night, you may have obstructive sleep apnea, a potential migraine trigger.

By Tammy Rome

Migraine Treatments: Preventive, Abortive, and Rescue

Learn how different migraine medications and devices work, and which ones are appropriate for which situations.

By Teri Robert

How to Avoid a Trip to the ER With Migraine

Head off migraine-related emergency room visits with these 6 tips.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley