Outliving Expectations With Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is considered a fatal disease, but new treatments are extending life expectancy — and introducing new questions.

By Pamela Kaufman

Former Teacher Uses Social Media to Educate About Multiple Myeloma

Fifth grade teacher Cindy Chmielewski left the classroom when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM), but didn’t stop educating others – her classroom just went virtual. Cindy is now a social media powerhouse in the MM community. Here’s her story.

By Sheila M. Eldred

Treatment FAQs

Over the years, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) has collected questions from patients like you, who are just starting treatment. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

By Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Managing Treatment Related Side Effects

Myeloma medications, like all medications, have the potential to cause side effects.

By Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Advances in Treating Multiple Myeloma

While a cure for multiple myeloma remains elusive, numerous clinical trials and research continue to lengthen life expectancies.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

Managing Symptoms and Side Effects

Most people with multiple myeloma can make lifestyle changes to enhance comfort and well-being. The following frames provide information and resources for action.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

How Do Stem Cell Transplants Work?

Stem cells are uniquely special cells and a stem cell transplant is a medical procedure to help or cure people suffering from certain types of cancer.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of Stem Cells

You have likely heard of a stem cell transplant and know it can be used as a treatment for certain cancers. But what exactly are stem cells, and how does a stem cell transplant actually work?

By Lara DeSanto

The Realities of a Stem Cell Transplant

Read Traver Hutchins’ story about what it’s actually like to receive a stem cell transplant and some of his tips that helped him throughout the process.

By Lara DeSanto

Choosing A Doctor

Choosing a doctor that specializes in multiple myeloma is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

By Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation