The Only Resolution You Need to Make

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but this one’s crucial: Carve out time every day to focus only on yourself.

By Lisa Emrich

How Hobbies Can Reduce Stress in MS

Having an artistic outlet can help reduce stress and raise self-esteem for people with MS.

By Nancy Monson

Why I Write About Living With MS

After nearly a dozen years of writing about his life with multiple sclerosis, Trevis L. Gleason ponders the reasons why he does it.

By Trevis Gleason

#Real MS Profiles : Kathleen G

An MS patient recounts the tumultuous times that followed her diagnosis and offers advice to others with the condition.

By Lisa Emrich

Being a Caregiver When You Have a Chronic Illness

It’s necessary to focus on self-care before you can care for a loved one in crisis.

By Lisa Emrich

Summer Grilling and Cooking Tips for MS

Summer heat can be tough if you have MS. Grill, cook, and entertain with tips from Chef Ben Ford.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

Mobility Aids and MS: Foot Braces and Crutches

According to the National MS Society about 2/3 of people with MS have walking difficulties. Problems walking interfere with working outside the home, traveling, attending significant life events, and even performing daily activities. Problems are agg...

By Vicki