Those Pesky Self-Injectable Medications Don’t Have to Hurt (As Bad)

Several medications used for MS are injectable drugs — aka, shots. We’ve been running from shots since we were kids, but they don’t have to hurt as badly as we remember. Here are some simple tips to minimize the pain, while maximizing the treatment.

By Lisa Emrich

Drug for Progressive MS Shows Promise in Clinical Trials

Cleveland Clinic researchers led phase 2 clinical trials for an oral medication, ibudilast, that slowed brain shrinkage in people with progressive multiple sclerosis by 48 percent.

By Rose Pike

Four MS Infusion Options and How to Prepare for Them

Learn about the four main infusion therapies available for MS today – the course of treatment and what you need to know on infusion day.

By Lisa Emrich

Switching MS Medications: What You Need to Know

When do you switch your MS medication? How do you measure your treatment’s effectiveness? A woman with MS shares her experience and advice. Tune in to know when to make a change.

By Jackie Zimmerman

MS Drug Efficacy Drops as Patients Age

A new meta-analysis study reinforces the importance of early treatment upon MS diagnosis to prevent disability.

By Trevis Gleason

Why I’m Not Considering Ocrevus

When a new drug hits the market, how do you decide whether or not to try it?

By Lisa Emrich

What Does a Cure for MS Look Like?

Seventeen years after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Trevis Gleason wonders about the concept of a cure for the disease.

By Trevis Gleason

What You Need to Know About Ocrevus for PPMS

Nurse practitioner Aliza Ben-Zacharia answers important questions about the first drug to treat primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

By Nancy Monson

Slowing Down Long-Term Progression of Multiple Sclerosis With Disease-Modifying Therapies

A number of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) are effective in decreasing the frequency of relapses and the number of lesions in the brain or spinal cord.

By Lisa Emrich

Taking Baclofen and Stretching for MS-Related Spasticity

In How to Manage MS-Related Spasticity, we discussed different therapeutic strategies to combat spasticity. Conservative approaches can be quite effective in combatting mild spasticity, including stretching and strengthening exercises. Oral medicatio...

By Lisa Emrich