Aliza Ben-Zacharia, DrNP.

What You Need to Know About Ocrevus for PPMS

Nurse practitioner Aliza Ben-Zacharia answers important questions about the first drug to treat primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

2017 review.

Top Multiple Sclerosis Posts of 2017

From personal stories to research news and bizarre symptoms, we covered all facets of life with MS.

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Is Gut Bacteria Associated With MS?

The gut microbiome is a hot research topic these days. Here's what we know about gut health and multiple sclerosis.

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How to Click Into Online Support for a Chronic Condition

There are numerous online communities for people with almost any health condition. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Young couple in wheelchair enjoying time outdoors

What is Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?

Primary Progressive MS (PPMS) manifests differently than other forms of the disease and poses challenges for diagnosis and treatment.

Are Your MS Treatments Working?

Are you happy with your MS treatment? Take this quiz to make sure all your symptoms are being effectively addressed.

Mobility Aids and MS: Foot Braces and Crutches

According to the National MS Society about 2/3 of people with MS have walking difficulties. Problems walking interfere with working outside the home, traveling, attending significant life events, and even performing daily activities. Problems are agg...