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Portrait of Sandra Holloway

A Beauty Queen Fights Heart Failure

Mom and caregiver Sandra Holloway survived two heart-failure emergencies—now she's dedicated to helping others avoid them.

Woman working at standing desk.

Stand Up For Your Health

Still need a good reason to unglue yourself from your work seat? Try this: A new study found that we burn more calories standing than sitting. Read on to learn why.

obese woman standing outside holding cup of coffee

Long Term Risks of Weight Cycling

Researchers have found that people who let their weight cycle up and down may have higher mortality risks. Find out how to sustain long term weight loss.

Young woman working out with a fitness instructor.

Is Your Fitness Instructor Inspiring You?

Your instructor wields some hefty power with the words he or she delivers to motivate you. Find out how instructor’s comments can impact your self-esteem.

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Study: 1 in 4 Americans Totally Inactive

How have you done on your New Year’s resolutions? How about making a resolution for 2015 (even though we’re a quarter of the way done with this year)? If you do want to recommit to a goal, I’d encourage you to find ways to get more physically active ...

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Bye Bye Big Belly - How To Lose Inches and Trim Your Waistline.

I conducted a survey at my gym and an overwhelming 80% of people wanted nice flat abdominals, which means you are not alone. However many people have the idea that a well defined mid section is reserved for athletes, trainers, models or those who are ...