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group of doctors and nurses talking

The Team Behind Weight Loss Success

You'll have your very own weight-loss cheering squad with these medical pros who use their niche expertise to help you achieve your goal.

Cup of coffee on wooden table outdoors.

Coffee May Help You Lose Weight

Talk about a morning perk! New research shows that coffee may jumpstart your body’s fat-burning potential.

Laughing overweight man and woman.

Obesity and Income: Men vs. Women

Americans who make less money generally have higher rates of obesity, but the outcomes also differ between men and women. Here's what we know.

A clock and calendar.

A 12-Month Plan For Weight Loss

If you're have a hard time losing weight, maybe you’re trying to change too many habits at the same time. Follow this 12-month approach to reach your goals.

Happy overweight woman eating a salad in the kitchen.

Mindfulness May Curb Stress-Eating

Mindfulness techniques could help you avoid overeating when you're stressed out, according to this study.

Woman with belly fat.

To Lose Belly Fat, Eat the Right Stuff

If you're trying to lose weight, this study offers a simple solution: eat a heart-healthy diet that’s high in fiber and low in saturated fats.

A scale with confetti around it.

Spring Cleaning Your Pantry and Fridge

Inspire yourself to lose weight with these spring cleaning tips that can help create order in your kitchen and support healthy eating.

Man adding artificial sweetener to cup of tea.

Zero Calories, Zero Problems? Not So Fast

If you've switched to diet sodas and artificial sweeteners to satisfy your sweet tooth, read what these researchers learned about how it affects your body.

Meissa Dakar from Gregg Segal's Daily Bread.

Fighting Obesity With Photography

Photographer Gregg Segal hopes his work can raise awareness about childhood obesity and the impacts of our modern diets.

A mother breastfeeding a baby.

Breastfeeding Advice for Obese Mothers

Find out why new mothers with obesity should be encouraged, supported, and educated to exclusively breastfeed for the first six month’s of their baby’s life.