7 Steps to Avoiding Knee Pain

Human beings are well designed for many things. We have large brains for poetry and quantum mechanics; we are good long distance runners, and of course have these awesome opposable thumbs. Unfortunately, some parts are not designed very well for our ...


3D Imaging Technique Could Improve Arthritis Treatment

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have designed a new technique to monitor joint damage in people with arthritis and detect tiny changes in the joints – a development that could lead to better understanding about how arthritis progresses.

By Diane Domina

Age-Related Bone Damage Affects a Significant Number of Mid-Lifers

About a third of people aged 40 to 59 have evidence of moderate or severe degenerative disc disease, and more than half have moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis of the spine, according to a recent study.

By Diane Domina

Arguing With Your Spouse Can Be Bad for Your Health

If you have a chronic condition like arthritis or diabetes, an argument with your significant other can worsen your symptoms, according to a study conducted by researchers at Penn State.

By Diane Domina

What's the Most Effective Non-Surgical Treatment for Knee Pain?

In a new meta-analysis looking at non-surgical treatments for OA of the knee, the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) naproxen ranked most effective for reducing pain and improving function.

By Diane Domina

Post-Traumatic Arthritis in Olympic Athletes

The Olympic athletes of yesteryear are still experiencing the pain of pursuing Olympic gold. As an athlete, are you at this same risk?

By Christina Lasich, MD